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now the 6-year-old is facing his greatest challenge. he needs a bone marrow transplant and no one in his family is a match. >> we don't have another option. the response is now with chemotherapy so the bone marrow transplant. >> the six-year-old is the textbook definition of the word strength. at age three, he was diagnosed with lymph o ma and then three and a half years later, he beat it. but just last month, something was not quite right with her son. she received a phone call that devastate e ed the family. the family was told the leukemia was very aggressive and the only
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way to survive is through a bone marrow transplant. >> it's nothing that i can do by my house or by myself. >> edward knows what's going on with his body. his mother says he never complains and is amazed at how calm and strong he has been. she admits she's so scared of losing her son. >> i'm afraid. that i'm stuck. he's really a good person. he doesn't complain about nothing. >> the students at river glen school are there every day cheering him on. >> i have to start reading books to him. they're so excited. they make up songs and they sing to him. it's six-year-olds. >> the family knows about how
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challenge it is to find a bone marrow match. they have been told there are not many of hispanic decent and need more to donate. >> i am really convinced that we can do whatever we need to do to convince the people. >> george kityama, nbc bay area news. >> now, all it takes to do that test and to register as a bone marrow donor is just a simple cheek swab. you can find information next friday at eduardo's school, all you need to do is search bone marrow drive. >> tonight marks a somber anniversary. ten years later, the war in iraq is still shrouded in controversy. >> the united states had bad information.
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>> it's a way of paying tribute to the folk who is have died in iraq and afghanistan. >> jeff heaten walks through the crosses on this lafayette hillside and remembers what they meant in 2003 when he started all of this. >> i thought it was important to have some sort of public demonstration to get a better understanding of the real cost of the war. >> the plan all along was to remove crosses when the wars is ended.
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with the iraq war over and the afghanistan war winding down, a new idea for the property? for soldiers who make it home alive. >> we would hope to put veteran housing. it's a fantastic use for the property. why not here? >> some see the hillside as an eyesore. but those we spoke to today see it as an important reminder. >> my neef ephew is locked awaya war in afghanistan. >> he's proud to be an american. when he sees the crosses, he thinks of two things. >> i just felt pretty sad for one, that people were dying as a result of a war that i think was predominantly created for the purposes of oil, really. >> they've given their all for us. it's up to us to take that
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responsibility and do what we can to help them and to make sure that we don't have any future wars and i believe unnecessary wars. veterans still a long, long way. the city has to approve the housing here. but heaten says he just wants to do more from our troops. nbc bay area news. >> president obama is on his way to the middle east. he's just hours away from landing in israel for the first time as commander in chief. the president took off from andrews air force base. officials setting a low expectation for the trip. president obama will meet with yahoo and then separately in the west bank before heading off to jordan. >> a new clue could help catch a copper thief.
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fremont investigators believe it may have been stolen and then used in a break in. thieves stole $25,000 worth of copper wire and then allegedly fled in this orange truck. you're urged to call fremont police. >> the city sweetening the pot. tonight, the city council agreed to give up millions of dollars in revenue if the 49ers end up hosting super bowl xl. the league says it will announce the home city in late may. it is being built as the next antenna row. >> crews are working on a massive retail and residential village. nbc bay area is live with why not everyone is a big fan.
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>> well, jessica, supporters and opponents agree that traffic here in san antonio road is already bad. and critics of the development say it will just make things worse. >> chef lawrence chu has been serving dinner for 43 years. he's watching a new dense housing and retail development go up across the street with great interest. >> it is long overdue. >> phase one of the village was housing and retail is just about complete. phase 2 includes a hotel, movie plex, office space, restaurants and retail. >> i'm major concerned, said again and again. this is very likely to congest everything.
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>> construction on phase two is still a year away. some crowded into a city council study session tonight urging members to delay it further so the city can complete an updated plan. >> it makes things certain. the developers know exactly what they have to develop to. >> the greater san antonio community association has collected hundreds of signatures. the council decided to keep moving forward. but the developer says negotiations are under way. >> cycling on both sides can be created with itch lemtation of phase 2. >> chef chu is hopeful his new neighbor will be good for business. >> and the traffic will be there, no doubt about it. i'm sure.
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>> now, with several months left, community groups say they plan to keep the pressure onto urge a slow down. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> live in the clas room and at the shooting range. bay area teachers are taking aim and action. the push at staff to protect students at which some say is too dangerous. >> and one former giant says it's better than winning the world series. take a look. the big party tonight at at&t park for the new kings of baseball.
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should your child's fourth grade teacher be packing heat in the class? it's a debate across the country. now, one says it's also triggered a new client roster for him. teachers asking him to show them how to lock and load. stephanie trumm joins us with a story you'll only see on the nbc bay area. >> right now, it is a hot topic. and a sensitive one. almost every teacher we approached would not talk to us on camera about this. but many confirmed that day or another educator they know are taking some action and getting the training they need to keep a gun. >> a 27 year veteran of firearms, he's taught hundreds of people in the bay area how to shoot a gun.
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the former marine corps has been teaching based for a dozen years in the last couple of months, he says he's seen a new kind of client. teachers. >> new town really was the turning point. >> he described a dramatic jump making up his customer base. >> it's less than one percent. >> approaching him with one may question in mind. >> are these things really as scary as everybody says? >> he says teachers are also going to classes together. jonathan ray isn't advocating armed teachers on campus, but says it could prevent from trying to target schools. >> even if there's anyone who has a gun, it's a psychological deterrent.
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>> what's next? armed guards at starbucks and little league games? >> a local level possible in the district. administrators, teachers, parents. >> that's the idea in south dakota where the governor signed a bill into law this month giving individual school boards the power to train and arm teachers and staff members. lawmakers in 27 states have pushed for bills allowing staff members to be armed on campus. 22 bills are still pending, including one here in california. gina teaches at an academy. >> there's guns all of the time. >> despite that, armed teachers on campus is a bad idea.
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>> kids are very resourceful and they could find their own ways in. >> i think people should be free to make their own decision. >> actually, to have this conversation. >> a conversation he believes is too risky not to have. they're completely wiped out and a lot of people who were buying those guns are buying guns for the first time. >> okay, stephanie, thank you. an interesting debate in our schools. he was on the verge of getting his finger amputated. but then got a second opinion.
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that changed his life. he severed his finger in a freak accident last july. a doctor at the er told him they'd have to amputate. instead, he quickly went to the bunky clinic in san francisco where surgeons there reattached his fipger using a skin graft from his wrist. >> pretty amazing. six months later, he can feel his finger. he can type on his laptop and even play the piano. >> the san francisco city attorney is joining the call to regulate caffeine levels. a group of 18 doctors from around the country say energy drinks especially for younger drinkers. they say energy drinks should
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have no more caffeine than soda and that the caffeine content should be listed on all labels. >> there was singing and dancing in the rain tonight. a big party at at&t park for the baseball champions. but we're not talking about the giants. >> no, the dominican republic wins the world baseball classic. >> hey, thank you so much. an emotional 3-0 win in the final over puerto rico. and the dominican republic becomes the only team ever in the third baseball classic. former jients and oakland a infielder a part of the dominican effort. very gracious and taking silver with fredericko.
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>> this is awesome. no comparison. this is the best i've ever had. >> so the field crew will start getting ready right here at at&t park on friday, april 5 thd against the st. louis cardinals. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> is there a postparty we can go to? >> luckily, for jeffrey, it did not rain too wadly on their parade. >> yeah, just a little bit. probably bumped up some of the sales. i'm sure they didn't mind. right now, the heaviest rainfall we had is now starting to push off to the east. that's a good news. a little bit of a break here from some of the heaviest rainfall. a few showers back across livermor.
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>> speaking of rainfall, it's been so dry in 2013, that is it in san francisco airport for january, february and march. o 1.15 of an inch. let's get you to our network in san jose. it is also dry as we look at the bay bridge. that display looking awesome. a lot of cars on the bridge tonight. and we're going to see that traffic getting slowed down for tomorrow, as well. that cold front is really getting kind of this extra layer with it. this subtropical moisture feeding out here from the pacific. that's what's going to give us this next round of wet weather for tomorrow morning. it doesn't look overly intense right now.
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we're not expecting any kind of thunderstorm or lightning activity. do expect it to begin around 5:00 a.m. and then through 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00, we'll see showers pushing to the south. i think it will be periods and also scattered areas of rain that we'll see develop for tomorrow morning. and then we'll have a chance of lingering showers throughout webds afternoon. so the worst of it looks to be in the morning hours. and then a few spotty showers. we're going to start off in 48 in santa rosa and 49 in san jose. daytime highs on wednesday, a little bit cooler. we'll have the cloud cover, 62 in san jose, 59 in santa cruz. also 62 in palo alto. temperatures right near 60 degrees. and also 60 in santa rosa. we'll get clearing weather here as we head throughout thursday and friday for that full day of spring.
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the first weekend of spring with sunny skies and then as we head throughout next tuesday, we do have some showers arriving late. it doesn't look like a large storm, but we're going to keep our eye on that one. by the way, spring arriving tomorrow morning just after 4:00 a.m. >> there's a party at my house. >> 4:00 a.m.? >> i didn't get a reply from you guys. >> thanks, jeff. >> we'll be right back.
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not just traditional cigarettes. today, the board of supervisors voted to approve new regulation on electronic cigarettes. many experts say e-cigarette vapors are a health risk. another vote will be taken on april 9th. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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>> i'm dave feldman in the comcast sports net news room. 68 teams. st. mary's taking on middle tennessee state. we've got all of the highlights for you. then, back-to-back here for the first time in school history. lay it in. 12 points in the first half. led by nine at the break. he had a game-high 22. center who hits the three. st. mary's a winner, 67-54. >> i don't think they'll get any quicker, faster than middle tennessee. they have a great job with them. a lot of guys will keep coming. >> stanford looking to defend their mit championship. second half, 12 points, 15
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boards. the lumber jacks have one last chance. it doesn't happen. next up, number one seed, alabama. all right, injury update for the giants third baseman. he had an mri on his elbow that ruled out major structural damage. he does have a bone spur in his elbow. he and the giants are optimistic he will be able to play and start on opening day. >> striking out two runs in five innings, he struck out seven. but the mariner's go onto win this one 6-3. one 49ers' note, agreed to a deal to bring him so san
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francisco. he is the new kicker, david akers is, of course, gone. he spent 14 seasons with the cleveland browns. >> okay, since you're high school buddies with jim harbaugh, does he consult with you before he makes free agent moves? >> he makes no moves without calling me. i usually like him to send me a written proposal. obviously, i have all final says. that's kind of a silly question. >> forgive me for asking. >> we'll be right back.
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the giant panda cub was treated to 15 inches of snow on the last day of winter. he looked a little cautious, but a few minutes later, he's playing with mommy and wrestling. i wasn't just for fun, though. it was a learning experience
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exposing him to the conditions of his natural habitat. mommy likes it, too. >> so cute. >> so adorable. i love that story. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- jenna fischer, dennis rodman, the music of black prairie and jay looks at "midseason replacements." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ]
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show." thank you. thank you. quick survey. quick survey. how many here are christians observing lent? [ cheering ] how many here are heathens observing spring break? [ cheers and applause ] hey, speaking of heathens, as you may have heard, lindsay lohan has once again avoided jail time and will instead go to rehab. >> rickey: oh, come on.
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>> jay: of course, the only trouble now, trying to find a a rehab facility she hasn't tunneled out of yet. [ laughter ] no, this time, she's not going back to promises rehab in malibu. not going back to promises. she's going to a new facility called vague assurances. [ laughter ] i'm not sure what that one is. kind of a new -- not quite as -- you know, at one point in the sentencing yesterday, lindsay lohan turned to her lawyer and said, "shut the hell up" in the courtroom. she actually told the lawyer to shut the hell up. yeah, yeah. well, you can understand why. i mean, he may be a lawyer, but let's face it, she had years more courtroom experience that he has. [ laughter ] you know, she knows. she understands. [ cheers and applause ] well -- they are -- they are now saying the reason lindsay took the plea bargain is that they found half a a bottle of alcohol at the scene of her car crash. see, i don't believe that. huh? you really think lindsay lohan would leave behind half a a bottle of alcohol? [ laughter ] yeah, exactly. exactly. i'm not buying it. [ applause ]

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